More About This Summit

The Summit is mainly organized in form of the main online venue, offline venues as well as wechat and telegram group interaction. The offline venue can directly dial into the Tencent Conference to interact with the guests. Members in Oumi Reading Club WeChat group and the Telegram group can leave questions in the groups to interact with the guests.

Online Venue

The main conference venue is Tencent Conference and BiliBili Live.

Bilibili Live:

Guangzhou Venue

NFT and Financial Assets Section:

May 11 13:30-17:00 Beijing Time

Address: 17th Floor Conference Room, Shangceng International, 179 North Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

WeChat Contact: houzidiu

Organizer: Guangdong Chenganxin Certified Public Accountants LLP

NFT and Intellectual Property(Art Works) :

May 12 09:30-12:00 Beijing Time

Address: 2nd Floor, Zhongming Building, 100 Longkou West, Tianhe District

Wechat Contact: 18520788007

Organizer: East China Blockchain Community Alliance

NFT and IoT:

May 12 13:30-17:00 Beijing Time

地址: Room 601, Poly Zhongyu Plaza,Dasha West, Huangpu, GuangZhou

Wechat Contact: z13719326388

Organizer: Guangdong Jingfeng Huizhi Network

Shanghai Venue

NFT and Intellectual Property(Art Works)

May 12 09:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Address: 10A, 10th Floor, Xintiandi International Building, 450 Fushan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

WeChat Contact: 15317122728

Organizer: Pudu Ecological Technology

Xiamen Venue

NFT and IoT

May 12 13:30-17:00 Beijing Time

Address: Room 1103, Building B, Haixi Finance Plaza, 213-219 Donghuang Road, Xiamen City

WeChat Contact: 15980931135

Organizer: Yungoutong(Xiamen)Tech “Mining Exchange”

Chongqing Venue

NFT and Financial Assets; NFT and Digital IP; NFT and IoT Section:

May 11 and 12 09:30-17:00

Address: Room 5-3, Building 3, California City Garden, Light Rail Line3 Jiazhou Road Station

WeChat Contact: 1844129509

Organizer: BSB Community

Inner Monglia Venue

NFT and Financial Assets:

May 11 13:30-17:00 Beijing Time

Address: Conference Room,  Dayicha Di Tea shop, Xingongguang Parking Lots, Zhanlan West Road, Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia

WeChat Contact: Globalbst

Organizer: Bitfutures